Electric Vehicle Solutions

Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions 

Dynamik is excited to support the future of transportation. With the increase in sales and availability, electric vehicles (EV) are proving themselves to be the vehicle of tomorrow. The growth of EVs on the road has created endless possibilities in infrastructure development for charging stations. To facilitate this end, Dynamik has built relationships with the highest quality manufacturers of Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions. As an Authorized Distribution Partner we have the ability to serve our clients fair pricing and excellent customer satisfaction.

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s been a minor revolution in electric vehicles in the past two years. Beginning with the Chevrolet Bolt EV debut in January 2015, 200+ miles of range at a reasonable price point ($37,500) is the new standard for an EV.

Meanwhile, Tesla continued improving its premium performance vehicles until it made the quickest production car on the auto market. Electric cars could no longer be knocked for being slow, boring, small, or inconvenient. They check all the boxes now, and nearly every automaker is scrambling to bring plug-ins to consumers.

As battery costs continue to drop, we’ll see more range at lower prices until “range anxiety” becomes a quaint concept of the past. Yet getting there will require more than cars – people need a way to charge them, and it needs to be quicker and more convenient than anything we’ve seen to date.

Good news: a revolution in electric vehicle charging is also coming. Here’s a look at the future.

While wireless charging may catch on soon, today’s solutions involve plugs, and they are about to get faster – much faster. Exhibit A is Porsche Mission E, an electric supercar in the works from Stuttgart. Massive power (600 horsepower) and generous range (300 miles) are on the spec sheet, but so is the capacity for 800v charging.

Compared to the standard 240v chargers of today’s Level 2 plugs, Porsche is anticipating a better future in fueling as well as EV performance, style, and range. Rather than 80% charge in 30 minutes (considered too slow by many), Mission E will be designed to cut the time in half. In other words, it could add 240 miles of range in 15 minutes.

Porsche says it would be able to add about 60 miles in four minutes in case you just wanted to stop and buy a coffee. With this standard of fast charging in place, range anxiety (which is actually charge anxiety) would not exist. As the situation stands, it takes about 15 minutes to add 120 miles on a range-topping Tesla Model S.

Dynamik, Inc. is an Authorized Distributor proudly offering products from manufacturers such as:

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